How do I set the Geofence places?

Step 1: On left sidebar menu, click on “Company Setting”

Step 2: Now click on “POI Geofence” to access the geofence details

Step 3: Noted that the current geofence for each company can be set up to 2 places. Choose and click on “Geofence 1” to set your first geofence place, click “Geofence 2” to set second geofence place.

Step 4: Enter all required fields, click “Update” to proceed. The place Name and Address are integrated with Google Places API for easier location finding. You may still drag the map pin at your desired geofence place.

Step 5: That’s it! To make the geofence functioning on mobiles, every team needs to open the app at least once and let the app sync with latest Service 73 information automatically.