How do I assign a task?

Step 1: On the left side menu, click on “Tasks” to assign your new task. Then, click on “Add New Task” blue button to create your new task

Step 2: Here is where you enter your job description with start and end date time. Note that you may also choose to select “Due” date only if the task does not have start time. Click on “Continue” button on the bottom to proceed

Step 3: Job Site information is a location site for each assigned task, fill in all the appropriate blanks. Click “Select Existing Contacts” button if you want to pre fill all the previously saved job site information. Note that the Site Name, Address and Site Geo Address are connected with Google Place API so that you can find places on Google Map easily. On the bottom, click on “Save To Job Site” if you want to save it for later use. Click on “Continue” button to proceed

Step 4: A list of team in your company will be shown here. Assign your task by clicking on the appropriate green “Assign” button within the list of your team

Step 5: That’s it! Now you’ve assigned your task to your team member successfully! View the task you’ve created in Task List. Note that the blue highlighted row represents unread task, the red date and time represents the overdue task. Please do not hesitate to contact our Service 73 team if you have difficulties.