How do I add / invite my member to join Service 73?

Step 1Login to


Step 2: After login, you will redirected to the Team page. Now click on the “Add new team” button on the bottom left map


Step 3: A popup of empty fields will appear. Now fill in all the appropriate blanks, just make sure the email is a valid usable email. Click on “Submit” to add the team (S73 activation email will be sent to the respective email for further action)


Step 4: An inactive team is now created. Note that an inactive member cannot be login to Service 73 yet as they are required to activate their Service 73 account by setting first password received from their emails (See example on Service 73 activation email below)

Step 5: Inactive team can be edited or removed once invited. Note that you may resend an activation email by clicking on the “Resend” button to the respective team if they haven’t received after several hours

Step 6: That’s all! Please do not hesitate to contact our team if you have troubles in inviting team