I didn’t get my Service 73 activation email, how to solve?

PS: Please note that there are two ways of Service 73 account activation, it is either you create your account with a company or you invite other user to join yours. In this tutorial, we will show you both on how to get an activation email for both respective ways.

Section 1: I didn’t get my activation email after signing up

Step 1A: Go to Service73.com. Then click on “Sign Up” button on top

Step 2A: You will be redirected to the Service 73 sign up page. Enter all required fields. Click “Get Started” to confirm

Step 3A: Service 73 activation email will be sent to the respective email address. If you still haven’t received after few hours, you may start over from Step 2 again. (If successful, you may skip the steps from Section 2)

Section 2: I didn’t get my activation email after I got an invitation from other company

Step 1B: Go to your Service 73 Team List. Then click on inactive team that you want to resend the invitation. Click on the “Resend” button to resend the invitation request