Service 73 is for field staff management


The core features on Service 73 are as following :

i. Location aware task creation

○ Each task created have detail view of job location, completion time,

customer contact, and complete job description that sufficient to

anybody to perform a task independently


ii. Push Notification and job status update

○ At every point of status change a push notification will be notifying

automatically to person who assign the job. e.g Job accepted, on the

way, in progress, completed and rejected.


iii. Maps and navigation

○ Every task have a map and navigation of 3rd party navigation (waze or

google map) for the task location.


iv. Staff management

○ On site staff can be moved from one location to another while their

current location is completed visible to the assigner of the job. This

feature can be disabled if staff have completed the job or for privacy



v. Job management

○ Entire job that carried out in the organization can be monitored and job

history can be view from time to time. New job orders can be

dispatched as quickly as possible to designated person with few touch.


vi. Scheduling

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○ Job scheduling is very powerful tool that will help you bring the job to

everybody in the team with enough information to perform the job.

Scheduling is done by analysing current job each staff assigned to with

newly assigned job


vii. Customer database

○ Each customer database stored in app contacts which is visible to all

and it create more effective communication between company staff and


○ Add and view customers contacts for future and current task


viii. Service report generation

○ Service report can be generated by adding notes and picture from job

location which will be helpful for report generation, and update any

critical task that need to be monitored in future.


ix. Cloud based database

○ All the data stored in the dedicated cloud server which makes the

entire application vulnerable to any disaster and can be used by single

login from any supported platforms such as Android, iOS, and web.


x. Real time Information.

○ All information stored and viewed from this app is real time. Location,

job status, service report will be shared in real time and it save a huge

amount of time while saving cost.