Real time on site employee location information.

Team management is difficult even when you share the same office. Imagine when your team are deployed in different locations, how can you keep everything in order?

Know your field staff's current and previous locations as they move in real time..

The Connected Workforce

Put your field staff management back on track with Service 73.

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Cloud based solution for field employee management

You spend hours coordinating jobs, making multiple phone calls to customers and team just to get a job done .

No more interruptive phone calls.

Service 73 uses real-time information to boost productivity.

Improved productivity with real time information from the field

Optimize your operation and make informed decision to increase productivity and accountability.

Complete visibility and transparent operation

Get information on job statutes and staff locations without interruptive phone calls

Comprehensive web based platform.

Field service management command centre with intuitive features.

  • Performance and Key Indicator
    Get overview job statuses and employee performance.
  • Job Assignment management
    Assign location aware tasks , check availability and back office operations.
  • Know Where Your Employees Are
    Get current location, location history, geo fences and notification history.

Powerful mobile app makes your field staff management easy

Powerful mobile app makes your field staff management easy

Task Information

Employee able to receive and accept task details and update status without interruptive phone calls


Get immediate notification when employee enter and exit predetermined locations or customer offices.

Configurable settings and notifications.

User defined settings ,security features and notifications

Job Status

Current updates on task statuses and detailed information.

How we make your field staff management easy

  • Job Assignment and Scheduling

    Assign job to your field staff using mobile app or web browser. Team member will be able to accept and update job status.
  • Geofence

    Get instant notification when employee enter and exit a predetermined location or customer office.
  • Job Status and Reports

    Get real-time job status , notes and images from the job location.
  • Communication

    Improve communication better office, field service staffs and customer leading to better customer satisfaction and increased revenue.
  • Mileage Claims and Time Sheets.

    Automated based mileage claims and time sheet based on jobs assignment and travel information. Increase employee accountability. Save minimum of 20% on mileage claims.
  • Automated Navigation to Job Location.

    Integrated to popular route navigation apps like Waze and Google Maps. No more arriving late for appointment.
  • Job Site and Customer Database

    Customer details and contact information allows direct interaction with customer via voice , SMS and Whatsapp.
  • Analytics and reporting

    Make better-informed decision based on data collected on jobs, time taken to complete, travel time , travel distance, employee performance, mileage expenses and etc.

Industries using Service 73 to manage their field service team

Service 73 is a powerful productivity tool for your business operation which is available now on both Google Play and Apple Store.

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Get started and increase productivity. Register , invite your team members , download the mobile app and improve your business operation.

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Productivity Increased.

With increased visibility and transparency in field service, operations productivity and revenue will increase drastically.

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Mileage claims reduced

Automated mileage claims and accurate recording of distance travelled will promote accountability among staffs and drastically reduce mileage claims

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This is where we share what we are doing to improve your business productivity

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Service 73 is for field staff management

  The core features on Service 73 are as following : i. Location aware task creation ○ Each task created have detail view of job location, completion time, customer contact, and complete
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Service 73 is launching new productive feature

Service 73 is a proposed mobile application that shall serve to manage company's on site staff. The main purpose of this new mobile application is to make the staff management and job allocation
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Why you need service 73 for your business

Benefits of Service 73 [caption id="attachment_25" align="alignnone" width="300"] Service 73 Benefits[/caption] Service 73 solve real time staff and job management problem and create a transparency


Get all the info about service 73

Service 73 is an integrated platform for effective and easy management of field staffs and tasks assigned. S73 allows real-time staff location and task status information to be transmitted using intelligent mobile app (Android and iOS) and web. S73 is one of best location based apps that uses intelligence heuristics to determine real time staff locations with minimal footprints on mobile devices.
The US began the GPS project in 1973 to overcome the limitations of previous navigation systems, integrating ideas from several predecessors, including a number of classified engineering design studies from the 1960s. The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) developed the system, which originally used 24 satellites. Since S73 uses GPS in smart phone as main feature, we named this intuitive app Service 73.
Coordinator or manager assign tasks to designated staff, with description of task, client details, location and schedule. Automated push notification will be send to staff's mobile phone. Staff accepts the task using the S73 mobile app. When staff is on the way to the client location the app updates the status and travelling trails. S73 apps advanced navigation features to guide on nearest and accurate driving directions. Staff can update in the mobile when task in progress and completed. Coordinators and manager can get current status of task and location without having to call the staff in the field. It is as simple as that.
Usage of S73 is free for up to 5 users.
  • Managing Field Service Staffs Made Easy
  • Observe and track task progress real time using mobile app and web
  • Effective job scheduling and monitoring
  • Real time staff location with build in privacy settings
  • Real time notification on task assignment and status updates
  • No more phone calls to get staff location and status updates
  • Accurate mileage claims
  • Faster arrival to site with advanced navigation features
  • Paperless
  • Increased revenue and fast return and investment
  • Increase staff productivity and customer satisfaction
S73 uses very little mobile data to transmit location information. Full 8 hours of usage will only use estimate 200KB. The app uses industries best practices to optimize data and location transmission.
S73 is build to assist field staff to management their tasks effectively. Even without the app, managers will still call their staff to find out the locations and task status. This is exactly what the app is doing. The app will not transmit location after office hours unless the staff authorize it. Staff can off the location updates whenever required.
App Features Foreground Background Killed
Significant-change location update / / /
Geofence service / / /
Travel Log activity monitor / */
Jobs, New Team and Geofence Push Notifications / / /

*For iOS devices, motion sensor will not work after 3 minutes in background, but it will work again automatically after significant-change location is called.

**For both platforms, all the S73 app features won't work after you logged out from S73 app.

***Please be sure to allow any permission request from Service 73 app for full app features.

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